The company has achieved great success in microbial soil remediation in saline soil, acid soil, heavy metal contaminated soil, and its technology has been utilized by many cities and states. It has received affirmation throughout world and has won multiple awards and earned several patents. Worldyao Group enjoys national leading position in the microbial research, development and application of the technology.


Soil Remediation

Worldyao has achieved great success in developing microbial bacteria for soil improvement in a variety of saline soil, acid soil, heavy metal contaminated soil. The Group also provides effective method for soil remediation design through investigating contaminated sites, determining the scope and extent of contamination, assessing the risk and combining site geological conditions and physical and chemical properties of site soil.

Environment Protection

Earth is our only home. Wordyao Group has always dedicated to cultivating plants in the ecologically sustainable development way. With our own developed method, the soil is re-mediated for long term strategy without destroying natural environment. Plant could be grown multiple times a year. The most important mission of Worldyao is to protect our environment.


Plant Cultivation

Worldyao is leading a great role in cultivation.


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With all legal requirement satisfied, Worldyao is leading a great role in cultivating hemp, researching and developing hemp and related products. Supported by Imperial County, we have now completed soil remediation, plant cultivation, males removal, harvesting and drying. Worldyao has great confidence in sales and greater scales of development.

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