Mingwen Yao

Personal Information:

Chinese name: Mingwen Yao         English Name: Conti Yao

Gender: Male

Nation: China       Nationality: Han

Date of Birth: December 1975

Occupation: Founder of Worldyao Group, Chairman and Entrepreneur Education: EMBA, East China University of Science and Technology Experience:

Mr. Yao  has switched from medical to business sector and worked hard in the field of high-tech agriculture for so many years. Under his leadership, Worldyao group has become the first enterprise to engage in microbiological research applied to soil improvement in China. Since 2018, the company continues to cooperate with major universities and Academy of Agricultural Sciences, jointly developed a number of soil improvement patents. Among which, soil improvement in saline soil, acid soil, heavy metal contaminated soil has achieved great success. It has been acknowledged as the leading enterprise in the national fertile soil program. The Group enjoyed national leading position in the microbial research, development and application of the technology. This is also the core competitiveness of Worldyao how it bases itself on the market and attains sustainable development.

Mr. Yao has been upholding the people-oriented enterprises and “without trust a people cannot stand ” belief, adhering to the principle of mutual benefits and win-win and promoting common development; serving the community and humanity, combining the development of enterprises together with social progress and human health. Inherited the tradition of five thousand years of Chinese civilization, Worldyao forms the core corporate culture of itself: integrity, fraternity, devotion, dedication, and carries forward the spirit of the group: self-improvement, perseverance, persistence, innovation.  


1.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao hosted Yaodun USA Holding Group press conference in Los Angeles, announcing the official launch of the cultural industry and ecological project.

2.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao hosted “Yaodun No.1” hyperspectral satellite press conference in Beijing and began to compile the Compilation of Soil Ecology Environmental Protection and Restoration Regulations

3.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao met with Prince Charles of the United Kingdom. Mr. Yao visited the most well-known and oldest existing British universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and University of London , and established exchange and cooperation agreements with those famous universities

4.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao, and Mr. Hu Run, Hurun Report, hosted the enterprise ranking awards ceremony in Shenzhen.

5.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao visited Thailand’s

MVTV TV station and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with its CEO.

6.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao established the Yaodun Ecological Forest in Qikou, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia.

7.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao signed an agreement with Capital Normal University to officially launch the “Yaodun No. 1” satellite project.

8.         The exclusive interview article of the Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao Yao Mingwen Borrowed the Soil from the United States, and remediated Millions of lands in China was published in the World Journal.

9.         The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao topped American Overseas Chinese newspaper titled Yaodun Group leads Chinese Fertile Soil Project.

10.       The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao won Hurun Outstanding Contributor award on Sino-U.S. Relations.

11.       The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao exclusively interviewed by American Hualian News Agency.

12.       The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao accepted an exclusive interview with Global Oriental Radio.

13.       The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao won the world Outstanding Chinese Award.

14.       The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao once again topped Shanghai business magazine cover page with the article Soil remediation is a major “work in the interest of current and future generations” – Reflections on the problems caused by soil pollution.

15.       The Founder of Worldyao Group, Mr. Yao was invited and exclusively interviewed by the Shanghai business magazine headlined Dedicate one’s heart to the land of the motherland.



中文姓名:姚明⽂    外文姓名:Conti Yao


国籍:中国    ⺠民族:汉族


职业:Worldyao创始⼈,董事⻓, 企业家






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7、      Worldyao创始人姚明文先生荣登美国侨报《姚顿集团领军中国沃土计划》

8、      Worldyao创始人姚明文先生专访文《姚明文借美土壤,修中千万田地》刊登于《世界日报》

9、      Worldyao创始人姚明文先生与首都师范大学签订协议,正式启动“姚顿一号”卫星项目

10、    Worldyao创始人姚明文先生在内蒙古巴彦淖尔市磴口成立姚顿生态林

11、    Worldyao创始人姚明文先生到访泰国MVTV电视台,并签订战略合作协议

12、    Worldyao创始人姚明文先生与胡润百富胡润先生在深圳举办企业排⾏榜颁奖盛典。

13、    Worldyao创始人姚明文先生受到英国查尔斯王子接⻅,拜访剑桥、牛津和伦敦大学等英国百年历史名校,并与名校达成交流合作协议

14、    Worldyao创始人姚明文先生在北北京召开“姚顿一号”高光谱卫星新闻发布会,开始编写《土壤生态环境保护与修复法规标准汇编》

15、    Worldyao创始人姚明文先生在洛杉矶召开姚顿美国控股公司新闻发布会,宣布正式启动文化产业和生态环境项目